Saturday, November 27, 2010


Now something we need to rave about... Nicki Minaj new cd PINK FRIDAY! I love it! i'm obsessed!

Fav Songs:
Save Me
Dear Old Nicki
what the heck i love all the songs!



My latest Obsession has been Hello kitty. Everything i want is Hello kitty...I just love her little bow. She represents the little kid in me but then again she has a matureness about her. This Christmas she on there (;

Tears Of His

He goes through life full of pain
No wonder he is insane
His emotions lie to get him through the day
He smokes to take him away
He fights to escape the days
And nothing stops his ways 
Sublime is what he believes in
They say all he does is sin
And every time he does it
He thinks he will win
But he knows he will lose this fight
So he thinks everything will be alright
He knows he made this mess
No way to turn back now
They say he like his uncle Joey
But they don’t know his real life story
His parents are blind to see
Even though his sister knows he’s losing his mind
As he stated in his story
“Maybe its time to deal with the pain
or maybe its time to blow his brain”
His love broke his heart
So he replaced her with these drugs.
Now all he thinks about is up above
He wants to get old and get stone
But he knows his life will be another drone
He wants his dream to come true
But he needs a life
And to get a clue.
He likes having fun
But he knows to much
His life could be done
Everyones pain will fade away
But his wont
He thinks suicide offers what others don’t
His parents don’t understand
And don’t believe his plans 
They think all he is,
Is another painless end
His friends are no help
To bad they have no clue how he felt
When he said he wanted to die
They mixed up the facts and made him cry
He trying to have this pain go away
Holding back the tears
He doesn’t know what to say
He starts hitting shit
And you know he’s lost it
 Sadly this is the end of his story
But who knows he might get a lifetime glory!
-Jazzy & Chriss

Cory Clemmons

You are a growing flower
Ready to be seen
Delicate to the touch
But bright as the sun
Your the color of the day
And the light of the night
Beautiful to every eye
Seen from out of sight
Your my best friend
And i love you so much
I’ll be here for you
When ever you need.
Dedicated to my best friend Cory Clemmons

My Hero Is In War

Miles away
A sea apart
Your still with me by heart
One letter every month
Brings me to tears
But makes me happy to know your safe
We take life for granted
And we never know 
What people who serve our country
I pray to keep you safe
On time for one more Christmas
One last breakfast 
Mean the world
Everyone supports you
And i love you
Your my hero
And you mean everything
I thank you so much
For serving in this tough war.

Your Perfection in My Eyes

I sit here in the rain
Listing too the sounds of..
“I can’t make you love me if you don’t”
Makes me think of everything we been through
How we flirt
How we do are bittersweet talk
How everything makes me fall head over heals with you
How i’m still waiting for you to fall for me
I want to be caught in your arms
And have them wrapped around your arms
And if i cry my tears are for you
And  every drop are worth it
Your the reason i have a smile upon my face
Your perfection in my eyes
And i wouldn’t want anything more.

My Drug

Just like heroine
Just like crack
My love is the strongest drug
And thats a fact
Just like venom
It kills you slowly
Take one doce of it 
Makes you happy
Take to much
Your lost in a world
When your quiet
Its like your body goes to shock
You can handle the pain
Love is the strongest drug you ever taken
And thats a fact
Try to mix the dangers
The heart brakes
The cheats
The liars
You could have yourself killed
Love is the strongest drug you ever taken
Yes, thats a fact
Kills your insides
Pulls you apart
Strong on the outside
Week in the inside
Pain and sarow
Hate and disaster 
Love is the strongest drug
Iv ever taken
This is a fact
Iv snorted
Iv smoked
Id take every doce of you
Iv been dead
Dead all along
Love can kill you 
Its stronger then any drug iv taken
Just like heroin
Just like crack
It’s stronger
And thats a fact.


Music expressed who i am
Let the beat flow through my vain’s
Let it take over my body
I’ll move with the rhythm 
I can have pain and sadness
With the lyrics of a song
I can have happiness and joy
With the way the beat moves
I am music
I am how i feel
I let the tone flow through my body
The notes i can harmonize with
I am the music that play’s in my heart 
I am the music that opens up a new world
I am music 
I am who i am
I’ll let the beat rock to my heart beat
I am the music that plays all night
I am the music that everyone loves
I am who i am


It run through my body
Killing every peace of me
They tell me only days left
This pain is causing the tears
My hair is gone
Nothing seems to be working
They teat what i have 
They numb the pain away
I cant feel anything
I hear my heart beat slower
I see pain in my family
My lips are dry
I’m white like a ghost
I’m disappearing
The pain gets worse
And they have nothing else
I’m more tired and week
I have nothing else to give
I’m going to let go
Say my good byes
Because who new
I would end up with…

Day by Day

 I feel like life passes day by day
And each day i never realize 
How good life can be
Day by day i never see
Never see what i have 
Never see how thing’s come to me easly
I’m a feel not to realize
I have you
Day by day
I live with a purpose
Maybe days wouldn’t pass so fast
If i just stop
And realize
What i have in life
Move on day by day
With a smile
No regrets
I have to stop
And live life as the day’s come
I have to enjoy the time i have with you
Every word said has to be remembered
As if it was the letters in a book
Every action done with you
Remember as if it was a movie
I need to just stop and realize
Everything i have is a gift
A gift from god
One i should keep close to me
Day by day

Love Will Always Fail

 Sometimes i feel alone
And i want you back
And sometimes i look at the moon
And all i think of is you
You opened my heart
And made me dream
I finely see what you been telling me
You taught me to love and dream
You found the love inside of me
I think i found the other half of me
You helped me see beyond all the bad things
And make them have a good story
You opened my life
And made it new and in-prove
You go and leave me
Everything twisted
I see bad again
I close my heart
Hoping nothing can come back and hurt me
And i thought i lost the other part of me
My love story became a death story
And now i don’t dream
And i don’t see things like before
Now i look and find that everything i dreamed of has disappeared
Now sometimes i feel like you never left me
But now i’m broken inside
And you can’t fix what happened to this broken heart
Months have past
I still think of you
You opened and closed my heart
What else could i do
Words cant explain how i feel
You drain my words out
And make me speechless
Making me smile
But thats the past not future the present
I never thought i would love someone
But i did
Even thought he broke my heart.

One More Chance

 If i had one more chance
I would go back in time
And make things better
I would tell him,
I love you 
I will miss you
Never would have gave you the medication 
Everything we did for you was a big mistake
We took the pain away
But put it apon us to feel it
If i had one more chance
Id spend every second with out regret
Spend every minute with you
Share more laugh’s
Share one last dance
If i only had one more chance
To just tell you i love you
Then till this day
Id be happy.
R.I.P Daddy


I wait at night
And i look at you
Your calmAnd quiet
I close my eyes
And go to sleep
I wake up to find you gone
I say to myself what happened
I start to cry 
And start to feel
And notice my life is gone
Its hard for me
Its hard for her
I love you 
I miss you
I’m sorry your gone. 
- Jazzy 
R.I.P Daddy05-05-07 

Un-Ever Lasting Love

Your words are mezmorizing
Each letter written in my heart
Making me never let go
Your words about my beauty
Was just a joke to you
You gave me your promise
And broke my heart at the same time you broke hers too
I gave you my heart
Instead it fell apart
Your words were so meaningful
Causing me tears
Every drop was the lies you said
All the suffering you caused me makes me want you
But what just happened
Makes me desert you
With all the love you gave to me
You left me for the girl that has a ever lasting friendship
But the friendship your leaving us in untrustworthy 
Making us an
Un-ever lasting love
-Jazzy & Chrissy

Never Can Be

 The touch
The love
The feeling
The rage you gave her
How you touched her body
How you made her feel
The promise you said
How one day it will be
The thrill of your secret
They fell in love
But at the end
It could never be
He was older
Two years to be
It happened so fast
Like a strike of lightning
So fast, So strong
She was heart broken to the touch
At the end the love she trusted
Was never meant to be 
All hope was broken
Now she heart broken.

Dedicated to my dear friend Chrissy.

Puzzle Piece

Like a puzzle peace
Every side is different 
Every peace put together
One fits perfectly
And the others left apart
Like a puzzle peace
You connect my heart
Put it together
One side at a time
You understood my complex means
But managed to pass all the rough times
Like a puzzle peace
You understood the meaning of me
If destroyed you would put me back together
Just like a puzzle peace.
- Jazzy

Spencer’s Love

 As you love her
You meant the world
No one could have made her happy as you did
One wrong doing
Pulled you apart
Now she’s torn into pieces
She’s stuck in the middle with your love
She wants it all back
When they talk it’s like old times
He wants nothing more from her but her love
You comfort her like a teddy bear
But now she tries so hard to get you back
Open your eyes because love is being handed to you
She will take a chance to give it her all
She’s ready for whatever happens
It’s his turn now
He takes it slowly
But once after all he will see her standing there
Ready to show her love
One girl named Spencer
Gave her love
Now it’s all up to him to take her offer
On love again
     - Jazzy D

Before and After

 Where is the innocence of a child when its being taken away from them
where did the times go when everything on T.V was about dreams and happiness 
not hatred and sex
what happened to the princesses who could find there prince
what happened to the picture perfect family
taken in black and white
with smiles apon all there faces
what happened to the original girl who saved herself for one
and didn’t give it up for a million
why are there one’s who kill for fun
and love but hurt
the past was a bore
but the future is no score
why is there people who don’t live but die in life
why are there people who live and hurt
that needs to be put away
i don’t understand why children
scream for help
and be taken away
this is not what god strive for
but god set this path
 to go forward
we are the one’s who lead the way
some how
we turned around
and everything went wrong
life is hard we all know
but today’s the day to change
be a better person
because that was before 
now this is after
 -Jazzy D

Words For Her

 Every word she says to me
means the world
she understands how to show of friendship
gorgeous as she is
a fake smile plastered on her face
no one knows how hurt she is inside
a little girl wanting to escape
escape from reality
the anger around her
the pain that scars her heart
she listens to other
but she not being herd
she opens up 
but no one understands
simple words can keep her happy
she wants love 
but no love is givin
friends can’t replace the broken line between the hearts of loved ones
her words speak out too me
written on one page about black roses
i see her heart as the red rose dieing every second
needing care
listen to her words
she there
and they mean something
she calling out to us to listen.
-Jazzy D
Dedicated to my best friend Cory.

My Love Poem

Everyday I write my feeling bout him
With my pen and paper I end up with 5 pages of what I honestly think about you
And I see only 3 words that actually mean something
I love you!
The words spill out onto the lines of my heart
Any word I can say
Can mean so much
Can tell everyone who you are
Sweet, funny, caring
What else I can I pronounce
How my heart throbs for you
How I bite my lip when you make me nervous
How I can’t breathe and my palms get all sweaty
I honestly think I may be falling hard
Hard and fast for you!
Everyday I can’t seem to stop thinking of you
Can’t seem to get away from you
I gave my heart to you
I want you too keep it
Safe, safe in your arms
So when I write every single letter, word, phase, all about you
And at the end it always has the 3 words
Maybe it does mean something
Maybe it means
I love you.
-Jazzy D

Foot Prints

Walking in the rain
Soaking wet
My shoes are off
I feel free
I see my foot prints in the mud
Make the shape of a heart
Are foot steps into love!
Splashing with joy
Notice how happy I can be
With the giggles I seem to express
Dancing to the beat of the thunder
Kissing you to the spark of the lightning
The static I can feel through out my body
Can you feel the spark between us?
We walk together
In the poring rain
Leaving your footprint on my heart
Walking along this dirt road
We leave are foot prints
Are foot prints of love!
-Jazzy D


We fight battles everyday
we are, are own hero’s
we suffer in pain
in an un-perfect world
dreams never seem to come true
we believe in the faulse
no one ever listens
we speak
but they don’t hear us
we are the future 
they were the past
they think they know best
but we know whats right
parents will be parents
we go through heart ache everyday
as we scream are heads off at them
are words never get through
we are teenagers
in an unfair world
full of pain
-Jazzy D