Saturday, November 27, 2010

Before and After

 Where is the innocence of a child when its being taken away from them
where did the times go when everything on T.V was about dreams and happiness 
not hatred and sex
what happened to the princesses who could find there prince
what happened to the picture perfect family
taken in black and white
with smiles apon all there faces
what happened to the original girl who saved herself for one
and didn’t give it up for a million
why are there one’s who kill for fun
and love but hurt
the past was a bore
but the future is no score
why is there people who don’t live but die in life
why are there people who live and hurt
that needs to be put away
i don’t understand why children
scream for help
and be taken away
this is not what god strive for
but god set this path
 to go forward
we are the one’s who lead the way
some how
we turned around
and everything went wrong
life is hard we all know
but today’s the day to change
be a better person
because that was before 
now this is after
 -Jazzy D

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