Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day by Day

 I feel like life passes day by day
And each day i never realize 
How good life can be
Day by day i never see
Never see what i have 
Never see how thing’s come to me easly
I’m a feel not to realize
I have you
Day by day
I live with a purpose
Maybe days wouldn’t pass so fast
If i just stop
And realize
What i have in life
Move on day by day
With a smile
No regrets
I have to stop
And live life as the day’s come
I have to enjoy the time i have with you
Every word said has to be remembered
As if it was the letters in a book
Every action done with you
Remember as if it was a movie
I need to just stop and realize
Everything i have is a gift
A gift from god
One i should keep close to me
Day by day

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