Saturday, November 27, 2010

Love Will Always Fail

 Sometimes i feel alone
And i want you back
And sometimes i look at the moon
And all i think of is you
You opened my heart
And made me dream
I finely see what you been telling me
You taught me to love and dream
You found the love inside of me
I think i found the other half of me
You helped me see beyond all the bad things
And make them have a good story
You opened my life
And made it new and in-prove
You go and leave me
Everything twisted
I see bad again
I close my heart
Hoping nothing can come back and hurt me
And i thought i lost the other part of me
My love story became a death story
And now i don’t dream
And i don’t see things like before
Now i look and find that everything i dreamed of has disappeared
Now sometimes i feel like you never left me
But now i’m broken inside
And you can’t fix what happened to this broken heart
Months have past
I still think of you
You opened and closed my heart
What else could i do
Words cant explain how i feel
You drain my words out
And make me speechless
Making me smile
But thats the past not future the present
I never thought i would love someone
But i did
Even thought he broke my heart.

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