Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Drug

Just like heroine
Just like crack
My love is the strongest drug
And thats a fact
Just like venom
It kills you slowly
Take one doce of it 
Makes you happy
Take to much
Your lost in a world
When your quiet
Its like your body goes to shock
You can handle the pain
Love is the strongest drug you ever taken
And thats a fact
Try to mix the dangers
The heart brakes
The cheats
The liars
You could have yourself killed
Love is the strongest drug you ever taken
Yes, thats a fact
Kills your insides
Pulls you apart
Strong on the outside
Week in the inside
Pain and sarow
Hate and disaster 
Love is the strongest drug
Iv ever taken
This is a fact
Iv snorted
Iv smoked
Id take every doce of you
Iv been dead
Dead all along
Love can kill you 
Its stronger then any drug iv taken
Just like heroin
Just like crack
It’s stronger
And thats a fact.

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