Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Love Poem

Everyday I write my feeling bout him
With my pen and paper I end up with 5 pages of what I honestly think about you
And I see only 3 words that actually mean something
I love you!
The words spill out onto the lines of my heart
Any word I can say
Can mean so much
Can tell everyone who you are
Sweet, funny, caring
What else I can I pronounce
How my heart throbs for you
How I bite my lip when you make me nervous
How I can’t breathe and my palms get all sweaty
I honestly think I may be falling hard
Hard and fast for you!
Everyday I can’t seem to stop thinking of you
Can’t seem to get away from you
I gave my heart to you
I want you too keep it
Safe, safe in your arms
So when I write every single letter, word, phase, all about you
And at the end it always has the 3 words
Maybe it does mean something
Maybe it means
I love you.
-Jazzy D

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