Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tears Of His

He goes through life full of pain
No wonder he is insane
His emotions lie to get him through the day
He smokes to take him away
He fights to escape the days
And nothing stops his ways 
Sublime is what he believes in
They say all he does is sin
And every time he does it
He thinks he will win
But he knows he will lose this fight
So he thinks everything will be alright
He knows he made this mess
No way to turn back now
They say he like his uncle Joey
But they don’t know his real life story
His parents are blind to see
Even though his sister knows he’s losing his mind
As he stated in his story
“Maybe its time to deal with the pain
or maybe its time to blow his brain”
His love broke his heart
So he replaced her with these drugs.
Now all he thinks about is up above
He wants to get old and get stone
But he knows his life will be another drone
He wants his dream to come true
But he needs a life
And to get a clue.
He likes having fun
But he knows to much
His life could be done
Everyones pain will fade away
But his wont
He thinks suicide offers what others don’t
His parents don’t understand
And don’t believe his plans 
They think all he is,
Is another painless end
His friends are no help
To bad they have no clue how he felt
When he said he wanted to die
They mixed up the facts and made him cry
He trying to have this pain go away
Holding back the tears
He doesn’t know what to say
He starts hitting shit
And you know he’s lost it
 Sadly this is the end of his story
But who knows he might get a lifetime glory!
-Jazzy & Chriss

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