Saturday, November 27, 2010

Words For Her

 Every word she says to me
means the world
she understands how to show of friendship
gorgeous as she is
a fake smile plastered on her face
no one knows how hurt she is inside
a little girl wanting to escape
escape from reality
the anger around her
the pain that scars her heart
she listens to other
but she not being herd
she opens up 
but no one understands
simple words can keep her happy
she wants love 
but no love is givin
friends can’t replace the broken line between the hearts of loved ones
her words speak out too me
written on one page about black roses
i see her heart as the red rose dieing every second
needing care
listen to her words
she there
and they mean something
she calling out to us to listen.
-Jazzy D
Dedicated to my best friend Cory.

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